Famous Residents of Chattanooga, TN

Famous Residents of Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga Is a city in the South Eastern part of Tennessee and located along the Tennessee River that is set along the foothills of the mountains of Mount Appalachian. Major points of interests in Chattanooga are the Lookout Mountain, Creative Discovery Museum, Tennessee Aquarium and the rock city. It is also worth noting that Chattanooga is the fourth largest city of the state. This article focuses on Chattanooga, TN, remarkable people and other interesting aspects of the city.

At the border of Georgia Chattanooga boast the recognition of the most elegant city with the most affordable housing program in the nation. Chattanooga has the interest of people at hear and this perhaps is the reason it is one of the first few cities to effectively apply citizens’ viewpoints to come up with long term goals to benefit the locals and foreigners alike. Chattanooga trade and convention center is a great facility and because of this reason, people throng into the center, booking is solid by foreigners that has seen this facility expanded in the recent past. Also the city boasts a united people. Specifically, Max Finely stadium with seat capacity of twenty thousand people whose construction was finished in 1998 was a combined effort of private citizens and a few public entities. To add to this stadium is the city’s extensive greenway that spans a distance of five miles of river walk and meanders through several parks and historic art district.

Most popular people of the Chattanooga City are in all walks of life but among them, the majority are individuals in the theatre and art industry. One such individuals is the singer Usher. Usher is a Chattanooga citizen and was born was born in October 14th 1978. He entered into fame at just a tender age of fourteen. The singer got a recording contract with a LaFace Records at this age after a performance on Star search. At fifteen Usher released his first album. Ben Curtis fro Chattanooga is an American Actor and a former brand promoter of the Dell computers. The list of most popular People in the film industry from Chattanooga is long and a few more includes Betty Lou (Radio), Bill McKinney and Bessie Smith (blues singer). Also, there are some prominent politicians such as Andy Berke of Hamilton County an American attorney, Bill Brock (USA) a former Republiblican’s Party senator, Charles Bell, James Frazer, Jr. a former Democratic Politician and LarMar Baker to mention but a few.

In conclusion, Chattanooga is an interesting place and has strong history of scenic beauty. It is a place that has seen many remarkable people in Hollywood as directors as well as actors and actress. Chattanooga also enjoys other aspect of a strong economy such as a stable population, powerful civic vitality, cross economic partnerships, high integrity fiscal policies as well as strategic location. In politics, the US major political system, Republican and Democrats have seen some great politicians and senators from Chattanooga, TN; and these perhaps makes this region an all rounded city.

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