How to Make Your Own Drywall Lift

How to Make Your Own Drywall Lift

How To Make Your Own Drywall Lift by Drywall Vancouver

Hanging a drywall may sound complicated even with help from a partner, doing it alone is even more challenging and may sound impossible. It is impractical for an individual to hold the 4 by 8 sheet of drywall up on the ceiling and at the same time screw it into position. This doesn’t have to be the case though, the solution to this challenging project is a drywall lift which will assist you to hold the drywall in place as you attach it to the ceiling beams. You can either rent a drywall lift or make one in a few minutes.

Step one


The first step is to measure the height of your wall from the floor to the ceiling beam. If you are drywalling over plaster then the height will be measured from the floor to the plaster surface.

Step two


Cut a 2 by 4 board the length of the ceiling then cut another 2 by 4 board make it 3 feet long.

Step three


Place both boards on their edges to form a T shape, make sure the short board forms the horizontal span at the top. Using a screw gun drive either three or four screws through the shorter board and into the longer board.

Step four


Place the drywall lift leaning against the wall under the area of the ceiling you are going to drywall. Let the drywall lift stand so that it forms a T in its position. Allow the three-foot horizontal span to be positioned such that, it is a few inches under the space the four-foot side of the 4 by 8 sheet of drywall will hang.

Step five


The fifth and last step is to lift the sheet of drywall and place it on the drywall lift with one 4-foot side of the sheet on the 3- foot horizontal span of the lift. Hold one side of the drywall with your one arm, with the other arm pull the vertical span of the drywall lift and towards you. Hold the drywall lift to the ceiling moving it to the center of the sheet of drywall adjust the drywall sheet where necessary and attach it to the beam using the drywall screws.


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